Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rubbish at Bible Study 13: Notes from 2 Corinthians 'Chapter Summary Method'

During our RABS session last week we suffered a power cut, and being fairly blind anyway I was happy to end the evening.

Participants made of sterner stuff however (i.e. Graham and Liz) had other ideas, and proceeded to go through their outline of 2 Corinthians 2 and 3 by candlelight, helped only when the power partially returned and sight was improved by the Marcus Hill streetlights coming back on.

I tried to keep up in the twilight and take notes of the main points of their study, using the headings from the 'Chapter Summary Method:' 

1: Caption:  
  • Reality of Christ defeats the rigidity of the law
  • Church discipline
  • The triumph of the New Covenant 

2: Contents: 
  • Paul's love for church
  • Defending decision to change plans
  • Boldness because of new covenant
  • Confidence in Christ
  • Letter vs spirit of the law 

3: Chief People: 
  • Paul
  • Corinthians
  • Sinner
  • Moses/representative of Old Covenant believers
  • Holy Spirit 

4: Choice Verse: 
  • 2v14 triumph in Christ
  • 3v17 spirit of the lord is freedom
  • 3v5-6 letter kills spirit gives life 

5: Crucial word(s): 
  • Pain/sorrow
  • Forgiveness and reaffirmation
  • Veil
  • Freedom
  • New vs old/series of contrasts
  • Confidence and Boldness 

6: Challenges: 
  • v. 14 triumph procession? 
Are we Faithful Soldiers or Christ's defeated conquests (Piper)?

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