Monday, March 12, 2012

Rubbish at Bible Study 12: The next few weeks ...

The next (final) timetabled track date was going to be Thursday 22nd March, which now clashes with Simon Walker coming down for a church meeting.

Do you think that this could be Simon's subliminal admission that he too is 'Rubbish at Bible Study' and in need of support!? On the basis that this may be the case, I suggest we support him that evening rather than meet separately. I believe it may be a cry for help which we would be inconsiderate to ignore.

After our late night candlelit negotiations, we agreed to use a range of 4 methods to study 1 Timothy, and then meet for a final wrap up and review session after the Easter holidays late in April. I'll try to land a date in a Home Group week so that we don't clash with the new tracks - I've already signed up for Jesus Brito's 'Parascending behind a Tractor' track, but only as a spectator.

In the next couple of RABS posts I'll set up the 2 new methods, then I'll recommend some starting point resources on 1 Timothy, and then I'll put up a series of posts on the different aspects of the study methods so that we can help each other with starting points, ideas, resources and encouragement.

As these will be unfamiliar methods and we won't be meeting together, a teamwork approach using the RABS Blog will be much appreciated.

The 2 new methods (both in Rick's book) are 'The Book Background Method' and 'The Book Survey Method.'

This will mean we can study 1 Timothy using:
a) The Book Background Method,
b) The Book Survey Method,
c) The Devotional Method, and
d) The Chapter Summary Method

This gives us a range of approaches that start at reading section by section without reference materials, through to reading a whole book using background resources.

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